Sam's Motorized Grain Mill

Many of us with a passion for brewing beer at home seem to follow a progression in the hobby. We gobble up every bit of information we can, learn new things, and challenge ourselves by experimenting with new techniques and equipment. If you've recently made the move to all-grain brewing (or are contemplating it), one of the things to consider is the purchase of a grain mill.more »

Fermentation Can Heater

As a father of a five year old daughter, I get to immerse myself in playtime with several toys that I would have never touched as a kid myself. It's nice to finally be able to take some of that playtime and turn it in to a usefully homebrew application.

The Easy Bake Oven for instance... If a light bulb can bake a cake, why can't it warm up my fermenters in the winter months? more »

Wort Cooling 201

My ale brewing evolved from three gallon extract batches in the kitchen to 11 gallon all grain batches in the garage. The process has been kept simple so I can enjoy it. Wort and beer movements are minimized and are mostly powered by gravity or CO2. Cold side temperature control does have room for improvement as some styles can only be brewed well in cool weather.

Last year, I did the taste workshop for some Fear No Beer members who were preparing for the BJCP exam. We met in Mark Cherney’s Mission Viejo garage which houses more beer stuff than mine does. I spotted a small blue cube connected by two hoses to a water filled tub. Mark explained that the blue cube was an aquarium chiller used for fermentation temperature control (FTC). Wow! That’s pretty clever and the light over my head switched on.more »

Knews Hound Builds the Beast

I am a long time homebrewer and have always strived to produce the very best product that I can, given the variables inherent in any hobby that involves nature and science.

One of the most difficult to control and most important to the finished product is temperature. Keeping close control of the fermentation process yields big rewards in consistency, clarity, finish and flavor profile.more »

Heated Keg and Carboy Cleaner

Here is a project that was inspired by Doc at The Brewing Network. It was discussed in one of their first episodes when Justin mentioned how Doc had a great system to clean his kegs and carboys. Doc gave a brief explanation about how he used a submersible pump to recirculate cleaning solution through all the keg's orifices.

There is a main spray head that cleans the keg or carboy, and there are also lines that feed cleaning solution through the gas in and beverage out dip tubes. Once I heard about this it went to the top of my priority list.

more »

Custom Draft Tower and Kegerator

Bottling beer is a pain in the (enter choice word here). I brewed 3 batches over 2 years before I bit the bullet and put together a kegging system.more »